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Micro Living Wall

We'll create an indoor jungle feel for you. Low maintenance. Self-watering.

Different Price options:

Premium packages: Unique, rare plants for the plant enthusiast

Basic Package: Plants for lover of all green things and/ new plant lover



Care and wall mounting instructions, screws and drywall anchors, plants properly installed in special wall planter, and professionally curated plant selection/ design for your micro living wall.


Wall installation Fee: $60 per piece.

Or install it on your own with included instructions.


Black frame or white frame


H28cm x L26.3cm x D7cm

Max weight 15lb

indoor or outdoor use


Preserved Garden Wall

For commercial or residential spaces. Bring life to any space with minimal to no maintenance! Totally mossome.

Reach out to us for custom orders. We can provide the frame or you can!

Stay tuned as we will be posting preserved garden walls for sale in a retail section on here.

Bring the outdoors in and reconnect with nature. Preserved garden walls are like a window into a forest.

Each piece is packed with premium mosses, preserved foliage, and other natural elements like air plants.

They are completely maintenance free aside from watering the air plant(s). once a month. Minimal water or light is required. Without the air plants, no water or light is required.


You can mist the moss every once in awhile to freshen it up. The moss is real but has been preserved to maintain a soft texture and vibrancy; forever green in color.

For indoor use only.

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